5 Tips For Increasing Sales For Your Shopify Store

Ecommerce is big business and it grows in strength everyday.  The strategies you utilize to market and grow your Shopify store determine if and how fast you attain your goals and ultimately success. Whether you have an established Shopify business or are new to the game, there is always room for growth. The good news is there are tons of marketing and growth techniques that can help you along your path.  The not so great news is that sustained success does not happen overnight.

Read on for 5 great tips to help you grow your Shopify store and increase sales along the way.

Pinterest must be a part of your marketing strategy

Pinterest is a behemoth for the ecommerce world.  It is said to be one of the largest sources of traffic to shopify stores.  This is a big deal.  A really big deal.  Furthermore, once these consumers are getting to the shopify site, they are converting and spending money.  Ca-ching. One of the other things that makes Pinterest so key is that they maintain a special partnership with Shopify. You can sell directly on Pinterest via their “buyable pins” that you see when you perform a search for certain items.  Pinterest is a powerhouse and should not be underestimated when it comes to the part it plays in the ecommerce world.  People who go on Pinterest are browsing not just for things to make and do but to buy as well.

Take advantage of the Facebook store application

Now that you have your store connected to Pinterest, you should also add a Facebook store.  This will allow your followers to purchase directly from you via Facebook.  From what I understand, the setup is simple and can be done via your Shopify store. Once you get this going, you will have another place to generate sales from.  One of the perks of using a Facebook store is that you can perform direct advertising to previous customers and potential buyers.  And because your advertising is taking place within a Facebook link and not sending traffic back to your website, you will see your ad spending drop some as your cost per click will go down.

Keep a blog and update regularly

Putting out quality and valuable content on a consistent basis helps ensure that your website doesn’t get left out in Google’s search pages. It is also really helpful in building credibility with potential customers. You can expect to see increased engagement, which will help to get customers to visit your Shopify store.  Ready to start a blog?  Check out these great tips https://www.shopify.com/guides/make-your-first-ecommerce-sale/start-your-own-blog

Put together an email list

Customers that are opting-in to messages about product promotions and updates are gold for your business.  They will keep coming back for more and tend to be the biggest advocates of your brand to everyone they know.  This in turn makes email marketing one of the most profitable and effective marketing strategies for businesses.  A great way to start and/or grow your email list is by using  shopify apps like email pop up  box on your site.  A great one to use is by Sticky Apps called Email Pirate.  It’s one of the quickest and easiest ways to grow and retain your customer base. This type of strategy even surpasses social media as a more effective way to gain new customers.  It provides you with your own private channel to connect with customers individually, which will in turn keep you at the top of their minds.  If you would like to learn more about using email marketing to grow your ecommerce sales, check out this great article http://neilpatel.com/blog/how-to-maximize-ecommerce-store-sales-using-email-marketing/

Include Customer Reviews on your website

Positive customer reviews are a treasure trove when it comes to your conversion rate. A large percentage of consumers read product reviews before going through with a purchase.  A positive review can really make a difference in whether that potential customer decides to go through with their purchase. In addition, a positive customer review with your product name serves as original content on your site.  This type of content goes a long way for SEO purposes.



5 Poor Money Habits That Can Lead You Into Debt

Debt is always lurking around the corner waiting for you to make poor financial decisions.  There are many financial habits that can lead you down the road to debt. Some pull you in with the idea of it being a smart financial move.  Others are just bad habits we start because we feel like we do not have alternatives.  

In order to avoid these pitfalls and hold onto more of your hard earned cash, keep in mind these 5 poor money habits.  

Setting your bills up on automatic billpay

I am sure many of you have at least some bills on automatic pay.  Not the greatest idea.  Your savings on autopilot will serve you much better.  Although autopay ensures you will not forget to pay a bill, you can sometimes forget to have enough money in your account to cover it.  If this happens, you are now getting hit with those high overdraft fees or returned money fees.  If you are the forgetful type, setting up alerts will help you remember to pay your bills.  

Not staying on top of your credit report

Even if you never look at your credit report other people are.  Your credit report and your credit score are key factors used to qualify you for everything from credit cards, loans, bank accounts, insurance policies and more. Now is the time to access a free credit report and check for accuracy.   If there is any inaccurate information, now would be the time to contact a credit repair company.  They can help you remove negative reporting and also monitor suspicious activity.  They will help you will achieve a better understanding of your credit report and also help you devise a plan to get your credit back on track.

Having no emergency fund

Unforeseen expenses like car repairs or those that come from a job loss, can be devastating.  Too often there is no money to cover them. Having an emergency fund provides you with that essential support when things take a wrong turn.  You should have at least 3 months of living expenses if you are a two paycheck family and 6 months if you’re a single paycheck family.  If that is not doable, even having a few hundred dollars saved can help you with groceries etc and help you avoid reaching for that credit card.

Making late payments

Even without money problems, if you get into the habit of paying your bills late, your credit score will go down. This in turn could mean that present creditors can hike up your rates or even slash your credit limit. 

Be sure to set up those reminders to pay your bills.  Also keep in mind that electronic payments do not happen instantaneously. Be sure to check and see how long the payment process takes.

Co-signing a loan

Co-signing a loan is never a good idea.  Their debt is now your debt until it is paid off.  Furthermore, any late or missed payments can also be added to your credit report, which will certainly lower your credit score.  This can lead you down a road of increased interest rates and cut credit lines. Even if the other person makes every payment on time, that loan balance is recognized as an obligation when you apply for any future loans.